Finding a Collaborative Payer: A Checklist for Providers 

Historically, payer-provider relationships have been marked by clashes. While industry leaders agree that providers and health plans need to collaborate on delivering higher quality, cost effective care, tension between payers and providers is still common. Further, many relationships remain oriented on fee-for-service healthcare. Most payers lack the traits of being a collaborative partner, and providers have seen limited success in achieving substantial value-based objectives.

So, just what is a collaborative payer? A collaborative payer-provider relationship rests on the premise that both parties can work together to deliver improved outcomes. A collaborative payer is a true partner, aligning incentives, coordinating operations and engaging providers to deliver higher quality, cost-effective care.

Whether your organization is looking to partner with a collaborative payer in your market or become a payer, it is essential to understand what is required for success. 

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  • Define the differences between a collaborative versus a traditional payer; 
  • Determine what strategic options make most sense for managing risk in your healthcare organization; and
  • Find an operating partner with the proven experience and outcomes to operationalize this transformative model.

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